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Morganite of the Year Runner-Up: Mr. Morgan State University

Morganite of the Year Runner-Up: Mr. Morgan State University

by Tramon Lucas, Managing Editor“Black Lives Matter vs. All Lives Matter,” is one of the most controversial debates to shake up conversations over the last couple of years. BLM is not only a phrase; it is a movement to bring awareness to issues that African-Americans face today, whether it comes in the form of the average racist or the mistreatment from those sworn to protect and serve or anything in between. The ALM statement shoehorns its way into the discussion mostly out of fear and miseducation on the issues. When ALM supporters hear “Black Lives Matter” they think that immediately denounces […]

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“Conversations with Mr. Morgan” recap

by Devon Ashby, Staff Writer Morgan State University’s Mr. Morgan organized a town hall meeting with the intent of explaining his comments on “All Lives Matter”, Wednesday night. Andrew Mitchell, who is serving as Mr. Morgan for the 2016-2017 academic school year, apologized to the student body at the meeting. “Everybody has a right to speak their opinion, and I hold myself responsible to what I have said or may have said,” he said. “It’s my understanding that in recent times some of the statements I made, I shared in a way that they could be misconstrued. I could’ve shared […]

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