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Corin "Tiny" Adams (In blue uniform) takes it to the basket for a layup.

The Big Life of “Tiny”

Corin Adams shoots. The ball sails through the air and swooshes through the basket. “Congratulations to Corin ‘Tiny” Adams for scoring her 2000th point,” the announcer shouts. “She now holds the record for most points on a basketball team, girls or boys, at Morgan State University.”  The crowd cheers.  The Morgan State girl’s team goes on to beat North Carolina A&T. For the Brooklyn native, that was no ordinary Tuesday night–and the game-changing March 2, 2010 moment feels it happened yesterday. Adams now holds the record for highest points scored in Morgan State basketball history for both men’s and women’s basketball teams.  “Basketball […]

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Soulful Symphony

  In the choir room of the Murphy Fine Arts Building 18 young men and women who make up a fraction of the ensemble, Soulful Symphony, gather for a rehearsal with composer and artistic director Darin Atwater. Far from strangers, choir members laugh and talk while waiting for Atwater to arrive. Soon, Atwater strolls in. He is smiling, dressed comfortably in a grey fedora, a yellow cardigan, jeans and converse sneakers. The choir preps to start practice. “Hey Darin,” one of the members calls out, greeting him. Still smiling, Atwater walks over to the piano and begins to play. The choir […]

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Photo by Travon Butler

COMMENTARY: Students Disagree with New Neighborhood Parking Restrictions

Let’s cut right to the chase! The parking at Morgan State University sucks. There is absolutely no parking here on campus for the students and hell, the staff members have a hard time parking, too. And what happened this semester? The on-street parking became more restricted. When students came back from winter break they were shocked to find that parking on the west side of Perring Parkway—which had been mostly unrestricted during school hours—was changed to one-hour parking between the hours of 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. For students, it went from being hard to find parking to being nearly […]

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The Official Launch of WMUR Radio and The Spokesman

The Official Launch of WMUR Radio and The Spokesman

February 14th was not just Valentine’s Day at MSU. The school’s newest radio station WMUR and student newspaper, The Spokesman, put on a show with a joint launch party in the Student Center canteen. As soft and smooth sounds such as TLC “No Scrubs” played in the background, students browsed The Spokesman website and listened to some of the new student hosts at WMUR. Contests, interviews, giveaways and trivia games drew curious students from their lunches. The atmosphere was lively as Morgan journalists celebrated a new phase in their publication history. “I’m excited about The Spokesman,” said Morgan senior Brian Waters. […]

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Professor M.K. Asante Shares Advice and His Life Stories at Convocation

In commemoration of the numerous African Americans who fought for change and social justice, M.K. Asante, Morgan’s creative writing and film professor, disclosed a few of his own struggles and urged students to strive for progress and continue the legacy of their forefathers at the Frederick Douglass Convocation on Feb. 14. “We can never be too comfortable or too content with where we are,” said Asante after relating an experience he had when he taught a writing workshop at a prison in Philadelphia. He was taken by surprise when he discovered that one of the men in the class who […]

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