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Students Question Proposed Gun Control Bill

Students Question Proposed Gun Control Bill

Legislators in Maryland are still deliberating over bills that would implement stricter background checks, demand purchasers to have a license before buying a firearm, restrict magazine rounds and ban assault weapons, among other amendments. A federal appeals court on March 21 maintained a key provision of Maryland’s gun-control laws, supporting the state’s tough restrictions on carrying handguns in public places. As hundreds have gathered in Annapolis to rally for and against the statute within the past weeks, the majority of Morgan students remain on the fence about its effectiveness. President David Wilson took a stand on the issue and spoke […]

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The Bears Fall Short in MEAC Tournament

The Bears Fall Short in MEAC Tournament

The Morgan State Bears fell short on punching their ticket to the NCAA Tournament and becoming MEAC champs. The team battled all night against the North Carolina A&T Aggies, but the game outcome was 57-54. This was the second time the Bears saw the Aggies this year- their first encounter of a regular season conference game in late January ended in a Bears win 55-52. This time the game came down to a last minute shot, and there was more on the line other than bragging rights.

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An artist interpretation of a CHIRAQ Flag

COMMENTARY: Chiraq – Hip Hop, Gang Affiliations, & Lost Lives

  Chiraq. It’s the current nickname for Chicago among many of the African American youth who inhabit the city and it comes from a play on words, based on the city and Iraq, a country with well-known issues of poverty and rampant violence. Teenagers living there seem to be embracing the similarities that their home shares with this troubled third world nation. However, this is nothing new. Major cities such as Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and New York have been dealing with the effects of being populated with low income, crime infested neighborhoods for as long as memory serves. […]

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Dick Gregory delivers lecture on March 8 at Sojourner Douglass College

Dick Gregory: From John Edgar Hoover to the Pope

Civil Rights activist, author and comedian Dick Gregory called on African Americans at Sojourner Douglass College to start becoming more compassionate toward one another, pool together their resources and take a critical look at various controversial topics in the media.  A crowd of over 150 attended the community book signing and lecture sponsored by Solvivaz Nation, a black nationalist organization centered in Baltimore City. “Every time we bring Dick Gregory to town, hundreds of people come out to see him. This has to be our sixth or seventh time doing this at Sojourner [Douglass College],” said Solvivaz Nation chariman Jabari […]

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Album cover from Wes' latest album

Students Give Their Views on Music of Late UMES Artist

Motivated by his past and deeply rooted in his religion Trini Wes, a 21-year-old full time student and part-time rapper, appeared to have the work ethic and drive to make it in the music industry. Although he was not well known, he had an endless stream of music videos posted to several websites, including YouTube and, a popular hip-hop website that broadcasts free mixtapes. Those dreams, however, quickly came to an end when he was fatally stabbed on Feb.16 at the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore (UMES). To most, Trini Wes was known as Edmond St. Clair, a Trinidadian-American […]

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