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2012 Hottest Mixtapes

• Wiz Khalifa: Taylor Allderdice This mixtape was truly what the Pittsburgh artist needed after his criticized debut album Rolling Papers. Wiz’s raps were on point, and the production was diverse. The concept of the album was the perfect breakdown for fans about who he is and what his empire, Taylor Gang, is about. Taylor Allderdice is the album that fans wanted all along from Wiz Khalifa. The mixtape met its high expectations from both listeners and critics, and almost beats Wiz’s last big project Kush & OJ for the best mixtape in his catalog; which means a lot. Taylor […]

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Brandy’s new album Two Eleven Review

Brandy’s sixth studio R&B album titled Two Eleven debuted Oct. 12, 2012 and since then has racked up countless positive feedback from the Hip-Hop and R&B community. Debuting at No.3 on the Billboard 200 chart, the R&B veteran celebrates her first top 10 album in over eight years (Afrodisiac which also peaked at No.3 on the same Billboard 200 chart in June of 2004).  Although Brandy’s latest album has gained a lot of success over the last ten days of its debut, there’s still an underlying question that becomes apparent while listening to the album: “Is this Brandy’s best work […]

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Reflecting on drugs and death at Morgan

Most of my Sundays are spent recuperating from eventful weekends and preparing for the following dreaded class week but this particular Sunday afternoon a few months ago was different. That day, 19-year-old Morgan State student Darian Hicks lost his life in the back seat of his car after a long night of partying with his friends throughout the city of Baltimore and allegedly over-dosing on the prescription pill, Xanax. His friends, who found his body that morning, and his family shed many tears in disbelief as they stared at the white body bag slowly being zipped up and carried into […]

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Men lie, women lie, numbers don’t?

“Reputation is what people think of you. Character is who you really are.” The character of Morgan State University, seen through the eyes of the students is strong and tenacious. “We, Morganites, make everything from nothing,” says Chinedu Nweze, founder of the X Assembly, an activist and humanitarian group on campus. “Put us anywhere in the world with little resources and the spirit of Morgan will cause us to create the most innovative things mankind has ever seen.” However, Morgan’s reputation does not fare as well in the eyes of the public. “Morgan is dangerous,” says Ajene’ Hall, senior at […]

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Drug Culture on Campus

Support for legalizing marijuana has grown from 46 percent in 2010 to 50 percent in 2011, according to a Gallup poll. The four percent boost may have tipped the scales toward legalization this month. In November’s election, two states legalized recreational marijuana usage for the first time. Both Colorado and Washington put the question to voters in a referendum and it won with 53 percent of the vote. The move to legalize the drug and activists’ efforts to decriminalize it (and de-clog the courts and jails) may push other states to follow suit. “The global war on drugs has failed, […]

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