Connecting Morgan to the WiFi

by Janelle Ferguson, Staff WriterBy just inputting their Morgan State username and password, students can easily connect to Morgan’s wireless network “MSU Wireless” which is available campus wide. However, with an enrollment of 7,725 students, most question if the network power is capable of supplying that many students with a sufficient wireless connection in order to complete daily activities on personal laptops, smartphones and other miscellaneous devices. Students who are provided with off-campus housing such as Morgan View and Marble Hall are the majority of students who struggle in inconsistent internet connection. Marble Hall doesn’t have access any of Morgan’s wireless […]

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If Rosa Parks were on Youtube

By Sharnicia Grandy Imagine that you are sitting in the back of the Montgomery bus on December 1, 1955, and you see Rosa Parks remaining in her seat after being told to give up her seat to a white man. Now imagine that you have the opportunity to pull out your 21st century cellular device to record Parks being arrested. Would you post the video on Instagram or Twitter or maybe even on YouTube? How would the technology that we use today have affected the civil rights era? Scholars disagree over whether 21st Century technology would have made a difference […]

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Sony Sparks Gamer’s Interest With New Playstation 4

The most wonderful time of the year for gamers across the globe is upon us. Sony has left the past seven years behind and is gearing up to provide excellent next generation gaming for 10 years to come with their new PlayStation4 console. Priced at $399,  it’s a no-brainer from an economical standpoint between the Ps4 or its rival in the Xbox One, which is priced at a whopping $100 more. Regardless of costs, every gamer is truly interested in whether or not they’ll be getting the enhancements they’re paying for. They want to know if the system will fulfill all […]

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The Rundown On Apple’s Latest Developments

The Rundown On Apple’s Latest Developments

The much talked about and highly anticipated iOS7 update has been released, and while many users experienced long waits due to thousands trying to update at the same time, most are very happy with their updates. The International Business Times described the new operating system as “sleek” and “fresh.” It comes with dozens of new features including new multitasking and a new control center. The control center gives you access to do what you need to do quickly. In the center there is a flashlight (no more app download), Wi-Fi, do not disturb mode, brightness, music controls and camera. Another […]

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Morgan Trains Youth in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Morgan Trains Youth in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Highly skilled jobs in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics – known as STEM – are expected to increase by 2014, according to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). But, according to STEMconnector, a national report, blacks will probably have few of them. “I believe these numbers are so low because a lot of African Americans are scared of the challenges that they will face in math and science classes,” Michael Reid, a junior engineering major at Morgan State University, said. Morgan is doing something about that. “We are introducing the youth to STEM, making sure they are ready to […]

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