Does Hip-Hop Drive Negative Stereotypes of Black Men?

What comes to mind when thinking of a hip-hop rapper? Little Wayne backstage before a concert? Maybe he takes a sip out of his infamous “cup” and then checks a mirror to make sure his low sagging pants are showing just enough underwear? Or maybe it’s Rick Ross, on his way to the club, stopping by his dealer’s house to make sure he has enough molly to pour in his date’s champagne (she won’t even know it)? Or Flavor Flav? He is smiling, bright gold teeth glimmering, as he yells his catch phrase, “Yeah Boy!” at a multiracial audience. Or […]

Kevin Daniels hopes to empower black men with his Black Men Matter conferences

Morgan Professor Organizes Empowerment Conference for Black Men

Dr. Kevin Daniels, a social work professor at Morgan State University and pastor of St. Martin Church of Christ in Baltimore, has a love and passion for the black community that resonates in every word he speaks. He’s not quite “old school” but he understands the older generation and the younger one, with a respect for both past and present. Bringing the two generations together for a knowledge exchange was part of the thinking behind this fall’s Black Men Matter II conference at Morgan. In 2008, former State Senator Larry Young decided that Baltimore needed to focus on the needs […]

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Panelists at the Black Men Matter Conference II argue for a credit history. (starting left to right
Johnnie Fielding, Jerry Edwards, Arnold Williams, Calaway Braxton, Omar Mohammed)
Photo credit: Soronia Taylor

Financial Empowerment: Credit? Don’t Forget it

This fall leaders of the Black Men Matter Conference returned to Morgan State University for a second year to encourage self-improvement and strategic planning for the issues that affect African American men. Among the packed workshops offered during the convocation, the financial empowerment session drew a small group of students and visitors. The workshop, facilitated by Omar Muhammad, Morgan State University’s Director of Professional Development, advised the audience on how to manage finances, invest wisely, and start small businesses. But the discussion would be dominated by the importance of credit. “Credit is an extension of who you are,” Jonnie Fielding, […]