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COMMENTARY: Morgan State: Drug Central? What’s The Deal?

On Jan. 22, Morgan State University President David Wilson sent out an email to students and faculty concerning the new safety initiatives being put into effect for the current semester. One of those initiatives: the introduction of drug detection dogs on campus. The school says that the dogs will be used only in targeted areas. The question I pose with the school turning dogs loose to sniff around on campus: how far is too far? I understand that safety is important at Morgan State. But I really don’t think that students should give up their rights to privacy in the […]

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Dear Peer Column 2/22/13

Dear Peer, I am in a happy relationship with my boyfriend. My only issue is that he is afraid to tell his parents about me! We have been dating for a year now, and he has already met my parents. My parents and friends are telling me that he must not be serious about me because he does not think that I am important enough to meet his parents. My boyfriend is Nigerian and I do not know what to think. He has told me that I will meet them, but has not made it happen yet. I don’t know […]

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Baltimore City Showdown: Miles’ clutch three pointer earns Dunbar city title over Edmondson

March Madness came a little early for Baltimore on Tuesday night. Two high school basketball teams, the No. 2 Dunbar Poets and the No. 5 Edmonson Red Storm, battled on the court at Morgan’s Hill Field House for the Baltimore City title. When both teams met previously, Dunbar was able to grab a double overtime win. This apparently left a bad taste in the mouth of Isaiah Tripp, the Edmondson guard who led all scorers with a tremendous 35 points. The Morgan gymnasium was filled with parents, scouts, students and people from the community. This game was for the bragging […]

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Soulful Symphony

Breaking barriers in the world of classical orchestra  In the choir room of the Murphy Fine Arts Building 18 young men and women who make up a fraction of the ensemble, Soulful Symphony, gather for a rehearsal with composer and artistic director Darin Atwater. Far from strangers, choir members laugh and talk while waiting for Atwater to arrive. Soon, Atwater strolls in. He is smiling, dressed comfortably in a grey fedora, a yellow cardigan, jeans and converse sneakers. The choir preps to start practice. “Hey Darin,” one of the members calls out, greeting him. Still smiling, Atwater walks over to the […]

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COMMENTARY: Students Disagree with New Neighborhood Parking Restrictions

Let’s cut right to the chase! The parking at Morgan State University sucks. There is absolutely no parking here on campus for the students and hell, the staff members have a hard time parking, too. And what happened this semester? The on-street parking became more restricted. When students came back from winter break they were shocked to find that parking on the west side of Perring Parkway—which had been mostly unrestricted during school hours—was changed to one-hour parking between the hours of 7 a.m. and 9 p.m. For students, it went from being hard to find parking to being nearly […]

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