Three Seniors Debate Financing in Higher Education: Is College Really Worth It?

Three Seniors Debate Financing in Higher Education: Is College Really Worth It?

Going to college is an experience one would never forget. But the price tag attached to it makes anyone wonder if it’s worth getting buried financially. According to the College Board, at an instate public college a student pays an average of $22,261 from 2012-13. In that same year, a student pays $43,289 at a private college. Yes, college is exciting and gratifying for anyone who can’t wait to leave the bedroom shadows of their parents, but in the end is it offering anything significant in return?

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An artist interpretation of a CHIRAQ Flag

COMMENTARY: Chiraq – Hip Hop, Gang Affiliations, & Lost Lives

  Chiraq. It’s the current nickname for Chicago among many of the African American youth who inhabit the city and it comes from a play on words, based on the city and Iraq, a country with well-known issues of poverty and rampant violence. Teenagers living there seem to be embracing the similarities that their home shares with this troubled third world nation. However, this is nothing new. Major cities such as Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and New York have been dealing with the effects of being populated with low income, crime infested neighborhoods for as long as memory serves. […]

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Deer Peer Column 3/7/13

Deer Peer Column 3/7/13

Dear Peer, I’ve been talking to this guy since last semester, and I really like him although we are only friends with benefits.  About two weeks ago I found out I was pregnant and I’m too afraid to tell anyone especially him. I’m afraid of his reaction and what he might think of me. I know I’m not ready to raise a child I can barely finance myself!  I want to finish college, travel, and have a career, and hopefully start my own business and I feel as though having a child will hold me back. I’m going through so […]

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Deer Peer Column 2/28/13

Deer Peer Column 2/28/13

Dear Peer, I am currently a senior finding my independence. I’ve finally found off campus housing with roommates. It’s liberating knowing that I have at least one foot into the real world.  On the other hand, my  mom isn’t treating me like an adult who is assuming responsibilities.  She is probably a thousand miles from me but she’s trying to control every move I make, like I don’t know what to do for myself.  It’s really annoying and frustrating. I’m not sure how to approach her and be on the same level so she’ll understand I’m not a little kid […]

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COMMENTARY: Morgan State: Drug Central? What’s The Deal?

On Jan. 22, Morgan State University President David Wilson sent out an email to students and faculty concerning the new safety initiatives being put into effect for the current semester. One of those initiatives: the introduction of drug detection dogs on campus. The school says that the dogs will be used only in targeted areas. The question I pose with the school turning dogs loose to sniff around on campus: how far is too far? I understand that safety is important at Morgan State. But I really don’t think that students should give up their rights to privacy in the […]

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