Dear Peer: Is it Love?

Dear Peer, I’ve been dating this girl and I’m really feeling her. We have a ton in a common, but we argue a lot.  I love her a lot and I’ll do anything for her but I just feel like we are growing apart. Even though every time I feel like I’m done with her, I just keep going back to her. What does this mean? I love this girl to death, she is the reason why I breathe, she makes me smile, but I still feel empty. Sincerely, I Love To See Her Go, But I Hate To Watch […]

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Dear Peer: Does Growing Up Mean Growing Out?

Deer Peer, I’m graduating in the spring, but I’m scared. I’ve always been good at planning exactly where I want my life to go, and things usually go my way. The problem is that right now, moments after I’ve paid my graduation fee, I’m not sure if what I’ve planned is the best thing to me. It scares me that if I have success than I might not have the time to find anyone to share it with-but if I base my future around a romantic relationship, I might not have success. Being a woman, it’s often either/or. I’ve always […]

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Dear Peer: Roommate Drama

Dear Peer, My roommate constantly uses my stuff. It’s like she has zero boundaries. From my toothpaste to my canned goods to my pots and pans- nothing is safe. I think the worst part is that she doesn’t just use my stuff, she rarely puts it back the way she finds it or takes care of my things the way that I do. It’s honestly driving me crazy! I kind of don’t want to say anything because I don’t want to make things awkward. I graduate in May, so it’s only a few more months to deal with her, but […]

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Deer Peer: What is “Being Black”?

Deer Peer is BACK!Dear Peer, This past week I was watching the premiere of the new show “Black-ish” with my roommates in Blount and we had this whole discussion about being black. I’m a freshman from Dallas, Texas and the last 5 weeks here in Baltimore have been hard, but only because I miss good food. People keep telling me I act like a “white girl” because I don’t listen to a lot of hip-hop music and because I don’t like the homecoming lineup. I grew up around white kids in school and I had a lot of white friends […]

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Deer Peer Column 3/7/13

Deer Peer Column 3/7/13

Dear Peer, I’ve been talking to this guy since last semester, and I really like him although we are only friends with benefits.  About two weeks ago I found out I was pregnant and I’m too afraid to tell anyone especially him. I’m afraid of his reaction and what he might think of me. I know I’m not ready to raise a child I can barely finance myself!  I want to finish college, travel, and have a career, and hopefully start my own business and I feel as though having a child will hold me back. I’m going through so […]

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