Black Soul, Black Owned: A Look Into One of Baltimore’s True Black Entrepreneurs

Black Soul, Black Owned: A Look Into One of Baltimore’s True Black Entrepreneurs

Life has few guarantees. That’s something people living today, when layoffs and home foreclosures are normal, understand. But there are always occurrences that are a safe bet to remain the same. The sun rising each day. Gas prices being outrageous. And at 10 a.m., Monday through Saturday, black, independent business proprietor, Larry Jeter, opening the door to his beloved record store, Dimensions in Music. However, the economy is in a downslide and the record industry is moving away from selling pressed copies of music. How does Jeter stay afloat in these harsh times? Downtown, near the corner of Park Ave. […]

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Album cover from Wes' latest album

Students Give Their Views on Music of Late UMES Artist

Motivated by his past and deeply rooted in his religion Trini Wes, a 21-year-old full time student and part-time rapper, appeared to have the work ethic and drive to make it in the music industry. Although he was not well known, he had an endless stream of music videos posted to several websites, including YouTube and datpiff.com, a popular hip-hop website that broadcasts free mixtapes. Those dreams, however, quickly came to an end when he was fatally stabbed on Feb.16 at the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore (UMES). To most, Trini Wes was known as Edmond St. Clair, a Trinidadian-American […]

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Students and Parents Worry After Recent Campus Violence

After the fatal stabbing of a University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES) student during homecoming on Feb. 16, students and their parents are worrying about the violence at Maryland state schools. “My mother wants me to transfer to another school next semester because of the stabbing that has gone on on campus,” Breanna Barber, a UMES student from Buffalo, NY, said in an interview. Many other parents and students on college campuses throughout Maryland are feeling the same way after the most recent violent outburst that occurred at UMES. “It seems like every time I turn on the news, there’s violence […]

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Mice Invade Morgan View: Cold Weather Drives the Furry Rodents Indoors

Resident of Morgan View have seen an uptick in the number of mice since the cold weather set in and the rodents began seeking shelter from the cold. While the off-campus housing is typically considered safe and convenient for students, some are having second thoughts given the rodent problem. “We caught four mice in one hour and eight mice in one weekend,” says Morgan junior Jourdan Jackson who has lived in the 1541 Morgan View building on Pentridge road for six months. The first floor apartment she shares with three roommates is near the ventilation room, “so mice were coming through […]

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A half-way house in the “Morgan mile” helps recovering addicts

A half-way house in the “Morgan mile” helps recovering addicts

In a nice, quiet neighborhood, nestled between two apartment buildings and tucked behind a small shopping center, lies a special kind of home. This four-level residence comfortably fits 12 people, with rooms holding up to two or three beds each. But only women stay here. Nilsson House, a Morgan State University neighbor, is one of just a few certified and government-funded halfway houses for women who are recovering drug users in the city of Baltimore. Open to women of all ages, Nilsson is a safe haven for those seeking refuge from their battles with substance abuse. The setup provides long-term […]

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