Tokyo Cigar Rocks TEDx

Tokyo Cigar Rocks TEDx

There are many different ways to tell a story. At the recent Tedx Baltimore, an inspiriational conference filled with leaders of all different backgrounds and works, some speakers seemed to relive their story as they spoke to the audience. But, artist and producer, Tokyo Cigar took a different approach.The artist, formerly known as Oraza Allam, chose to tell stories through his music. His choice of songs, “I Wonder” and “Here Now,” touched on everything from his international childhood to growing up fatherless. As the last of 18 speakers, his method of personifying his life through lyrics left the audience on […]

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Experts Find Maryland a “Destination State” for Sex Traffickers

Wendy Joy Heart’s father was a decorated military officer. Her mother was a volunteer at her school, not because she loved to give her time, but because she wanted to make sure that neither one of her children told anyone that they were being forced into prostitution and pornography by their parents at home. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) 100,000 to 293,000 American children are at risk for sex trafficking every year. The U.S. Department of Justice Child Exploitation and Obscenity section reports that the average age of entry into prostitution and pornography is […]

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Catherine Robertson searched 25 years for her mother

Catharine Robertson’s Fight to Find Family

Have you ever missed someone that you’ve never met? Catharine Robertson has. For 25 years Robertson, who is adopted, has been searching for her birth parents. It’s been a long journey–one she shared with with an audience at the TEDx Conference on Morgan’s campus in January. In July 1969, Sarah Elizabeth Mathews was born to Susan Mathews in Richmond, VA, but in September of that same year, she was placed with an adoptive family and given a new name, Catharine Nolde Robertson.  Robertson grew up in a nice, loving home, but as she entered adulthood she was still curious about […]

‘Pioneers’ Share Secrets at Morgan TEDx Talks

‘Pioneers’ Share Secrets at Morgan TEDx Talks

Morgan State hosted the annual TEDx Baltimore Conference on Friday, an event that celebrated 19 local “pioneers” and drew more than 600 visitors to the Murphy Fine Arts Center. A series of speakers shared the secrets of their success in the day-long conference. Speakers ranged from Medea Benjamin, a human rights activist and co-founder of Code Pink and the Global Exchange to Dr. Chris Kraft, a sex therapist who co-directors clinical services at the Sexual Behaviors Consultation Unit at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. There are hundreds of TEDx events around the country and each one has a central theme. […]

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Tyrone West Obituary

Unanswered Questions Plague Tyrone West Investigation

In the days after the medical examiner released a preliminary autopsy report on Tyrone West, a man killed in police custody almost five months ago, there remain more questions than answers in the case. At an investigative hearing held at City Hall Wednesday, Councilmember Warren Branch admitted to a crowd of nearly 50 West family members and supporters that he was “still not entirely sure what [the autopsy] means.” According to an official statement released by the State’s Attorney’s Office, 44-year-old West died from “cardiac arrhythmia due to cardiac conduction system abnormality, complicated by dehydration during police restraint.” The MSU […]

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