Congregants at the Community Church of Washington, D.C.

An African American Church Welcomes Gay Members

It’s a snowy Sunday evening and the sun is setting in Washington D.C. Pastor Aaron Jones-Wade and his partner First Gentleman Job Jones-Wade sit in a restaurant with church members and visitors following church services at the Community Church of Washington, D.C. (CCWDC). The church members and guests at the table eat, laugh and amuse themselves with social media. Pastor and First Gentleman Job make their rounds chatting with everyone. The Community Church, under United Church of Christ (UCC), is known for being inclusive to all members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community. Its mission is “to […]

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Morgan students protest Nigerian kidnappings.

‘Bring Back Our Girls’ Campus Activists Demand

  Nearly 200 Morgan students demonstrated on campus at noon yesterday to raise awareness of the 276 girls abducted from their boarding school in Chibok, Nigeria by a group called, “Boko Haram.” Boko Haram is an Islamic extremist group. The name means “Western education is forbidden.” The organization claims responsibility for kidnapping the 276 young girls from their school. Boko Haram is threatening to sell them into slavery. Morgan students and faculty from various groups and organizations came together to voice their opinion about this situation and to demand that action be taken to bring the girls back home to […]

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Martin Luther King, Hosea Williams, Jesse Jackson, Ralph Abernathy stand on the hotel balcony.

Anniversary of MLK’s Death Reveals Generational Divide

It was the fatal shot that rocked the world on April 4, 1968. What started out as just an ordinary day, became one to remember, as the brutal reality of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination spread throughout the nation like a raging forest fire. The .30 caliber rifle bullet that pierced his right cheek, traveled through his neck, and finally stopped at his shoulder blade ended King’s life, but not his legacy. Forty-six years later, many people alive during that time can retell the story of just what that day was like, while some members of a younger generation […]

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MLK Remembered

MLK Remembered

It was 7:08 p.m., a Thursday evening, April 4, 1968. Many people in Baltimore felt the same pain at the same time. In the Waverly community they still remember. Donna Johnson, a professional cook, was preparing a meal in her kitchen when she heard her mother scream. “I dropped the pan filled with collard greens as the juices burned my flesh. I never felt so scared in my 17 years life,” she said. “I darted to the living room leaving the food all over the floor just to check on my Momma.” Gloria Carter, a retired social worker, who lives […]

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Early morning walkers, joggers, and cyclist at Lake Montebello get a jump on the day.

Springing into Shape

The sun is just beginning to rise over Lake Montebello. A flock of geese flies over the still water making honking sounds, perhaps as a good morning greeting to the early morning walkers, runners and bikers. It’s finally spring and the days appear to be getting warmer. However, a cool breeze passes through the atmosphere as a reminder of a stubborn winter season struggling to bid its farewell. On this morning, it’s particularly busy, as there are more visitors to the lake than usual. A middle aged woman stretches over by the fitness station and a man laces up his […]

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