The Race for Miss Sophomore

The Race for Miss Sophomore

  On February 28th, SGA candidates delivered speeches to assure students they were the right fit for their class. In case you missed the Miss Sophomore speeches and still want to know what the candidates hope to achieve here is an overview of their platform. Name: Aziza-Isake’ Hunter Major: Biology Home State: New York Platform: U.N.I.T.E “I want to be your next Miss. Sophomore because I want to U.N.I.T.E the class of 2016 and positively impact Morgan State University and the surrounding community. U.N.I.T.E is an acronym that stands for Uplift, Nurture, Inspire, Transform and Encourage. I believe that in […]

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Miss Senior Category Is Filled, but Campaign Continues

Miss Senior Category Is Filled, but Campaign Continues

  Morgan junior and broadcast journalism major Briana Lynn is the only candidate running for Miss Senior. Despite this, she intends to keep campaigning to show the class of 2014 why she is worth voting for. Lynn continues to push her platform, “Dreams to Reality (DTRL),” an agenda to steer seniors toward their dream career and prepare them for life after college. At the end of her sophomore year, Lynn wondered if she would return to Morgan. “I felt like Morgan wasn’t going to prepare me and I [wouldn’t] have enough experience when I graduate,” she says. Yet with her […]

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The Official Launch of WMUR Radio and The Spokesman

The Official Launch of WMUR Radio and The Spokesman

February 14th was not just Valentine’s Day at MSU. The school’s newest radio station WMUR and student newspaper, The Spokesman, put on a show with a joint launch party in the Student Center canteen. As soft and smooth sounds such as TLC “No Scrubs” played in the background, students browsed The Spokesman website and listened to some of the new student hosts at WMUR. Contests, interviews, giveaways and trivia games drew curious students from their lunches. The atmosphere was lively as Morgan journalists celebrated a new phase in their publication history. “I’m excited about The Spokesman,” said Morgan senior Brian Waters. […]

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Professor M.K. Asante Shares Advice and His Life Stories at Convocation

In commemoration of the numerous African Americans who fought for change and social justice, M.K. Asante, Morgan’s creative writing and film professor, disclosed a few of his own struggles and urged students to strive for progress and continue the legacy of their forefathers at the Frederick Douglass Convocation on Feb. 14. “We can never be too comfortable or too content with where we are,” said Asante after relating an experience he had when he taught a writing workshop at a prison in Philadelphia. He was taken by surprise when he discovered that one of the men in the class who […]

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Mice Invade Morgan View: Cold Weather Drives the Furry Rodents Indoors

Resident of Morgan View have seen an uptick in the number of mice since the cold weather set in and the rodents began seeking shelter from the cold. While the off-campus housing is typically considered safe and convenient for students, some are having second thoughts given the rodent problem. “We caught four mice in one hour and eight mice in one weekend,” says Morgan junior Jourdan Jackson who has lived in the 1541 Morgan View building on Pentridge road for six months. The first floor apartment she shares with three roommates is near the ventilation room, “so mice were coming through […]

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