The Real “Olivia Pope” Visits Morgan

The Real “Olivia Pope” Visits Morgan

Woman Behind ABC’s Hit Series Scandal Speaks to Students in USC As Olivia Pope from ABC’s highly anticipated drama would say, “It’s handled. Little secrets always come out.” Well, it was no little secret when word went out that Judy Smith would be coming to Morgan State University. When the Office of Student Activities made her this year’s speaker for the Women’s History Month Lecture, Scandal lovers were absolutely astounded. “Hands down, Scandal is my favorite show out right now,” said Morgan senior political science major J’Keyah Irby. “I am glued to the screen every single Tuesday night with my […]

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10 Ways to Prepare for Midterms

10 Ways to Prepare for Midterms

Midterms mark the halfway point of the semester, a time when students really start to buckle down. While study tactics aren’t subjective, certain methods have proven most effective. Get adequate sleep. Sleep aids in retaining information and also plays a part in concentration and alertness. Studies show that students who get an adequate amount of sleep have a superior academic performance. Adversely, sleep deprivation can have negative effects lasting for days.  Developing a sleep regimen is advised. Cramming is the enemy! Information is not being retained. Additionally, cramming for midterms may present future problems. It is possible that the information will not […]

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Shooting Guard/Small Forward Justin Black shoots from the free throw line.

The Bears Aren’t Done Yet!

  The pace of the game at the beginning of the first quarter was in Delaware State University’s favor as they propelled to an early 8-4 lead.  However, the Bears viciously fought back to take control of the game! “The Bears deserve this. If they stay focused and play their game they’ll end with the win,” said Lamont Germany, commentator for Heritage Sports Radio Network, during the first half. Key efforts from the Bears’ big men aided in the abrupt turnaround. Forward Shaquille Duncan dominated the paint on both sides of the floor with 11 points, 4 blocks and 1 […]

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Mr. Sophomore Candidates Hope To Revamp Their Class

Mr. Sophomore Candidates Hope To Revamp Their Class

If you’re still unsure on who should be your next Mr. Sophomore, take a look at  the candidates goals for the class of 2016.   Name: Davon Eady Major: Psychology Hometown: Baltimore, Maryland Platform: The Mr. Sophomore Project “It has come to my attention that Mr. and Misses are viewed as pointless by many morganites. I want a Mr. and Ms. that will be able to do more for my class, that’s why I came up with this. I want to be useful. I want to make a difference in the lives of my fellow morganites of 2016. This is […]

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Will Morgan’s Reputation of Crime Continue to Impact Campus?

“That’s Morgan” is a phrase often used in student dialogue about negative aspects of campus life. “It makes me feel bad about going to this school,” said Amber Newman, sophomore and psychology major. “It would be different if it was said in a positive way.” On May 31, 2012, the university gained unwanted attention from the media after former Morgan student Alexander Kinyua murdered his roommate. “Did you know that guy who was eating people?” sounded like a scene out of a thriller. However, it’s a question many Morgan students found themselves answering. Although the murder took place off campus, […]

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