DJ Reflex winner of the Reggae versus Go-Go DJ Competition on the ones and twos.

Recap: I Love Morgan Week DJ Competition

Morgan State students flocked to the Student Center patio for the first Reggae vs. Go-Go DJ competition last Thursday night. One of the more anticipated events of I Love Morgan Week, the competition showcased three of the school’s top disc jockeys in a test of their ability to mix two of the most popular music genres on campus. “We noticed that the majority of the students on campus are into go-go and reggae, because it’s a heavy population of New York students and PG/DC students,” said Umoja council director Shakema Cyrus. “We figured, why not use some of the DJ’s […]

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Nomadness Debunks Traveling Myth

Nomadness Debunks Traveling Myth

Within a few weeks of graduating with a B.A. in Television and Film from Iona College in 2006, Evita Robinson began traveling and creating her own travel series. However, she still felt that something was missing. Out of that thought, Nomad-ness Travel Tribe was born. “I felt like honestly, it was my responsibility to bring that opportunity to other college students,” said Robinson. “I didn’t have it but that doesn’t mean that I can’t create it.” Nomad-ness Travel Tribe is an urban travel, online social community with more than 4,000 members that promotes the passion of traveling. It includes tips […]

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Mr. Browder gives students insight on how Egypt was considered when Washington, DC was built.

Morgan Students Visit Egypt on the Potomac

[Liveblog] This fun trip has come to end. Now we must process all that we have learned and pass it on. Thank you for this life changing learning experience Mr. Browder. [Liveblog] The convo on this bus is getting hot! Whoo! Most recent topic: Why doesn’t Morgan State compare to Towson University? Team Towson * Why do we have to feel so unsafe on campus? Team Morgan * Why would people walk out at 3am with a pocket full of money, their beats and I phones on them in am open campus? Team Towson *There’s not a lot of empowering […]

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Communications Department Awards Students For Their Academics

The Department of Communications recognized its students with a GPA of 3.5 or higher during the Fall Semster. The students received a certificate followed by a private luncheon with department chairman DeWayne Wickham and faculty. Courtney Jacobs, a graduating Seniors is happy about this event. “I work hard, I go to class everyday, try to be on time, but I get the work done.” Since his arrival DeWayne Wickham has established a new standard for communications. Wickham states, ” We celebrate excellence here, this is a program that needs to reflect the energy of our faculty and the commitment of […]

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Morgan Students Have Varying Thoughts on Maryland Gun Laws

Morgan Students Have Varying Thoughts on Maryland Gun Laws

The Maryland General Assembly along with the support of President Barack Obama, Governor Martin O’Malley and other leaders has banned 45 different types of military-type guns in the state. However, on the campus of Morgan State students have expressed mixed views on gun control. “I definitely believe that we should have more strict gun laws because of past events, but at the same time these new laws shouldn’t automatically take away our born right to bear arms,”  says sophomore Ari Parker. With weapons becoming prevalent in today’s society, and taking into account the two shootings that took place on campus last year, some students […]

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