Movie Review: The Fate of the Furious

by Terrance Smith, Staff WriterFor those who are fans of the Fast and Furious franchise, The Fate of the Furious would be one of the most perfect films to see this year. Even though it is the first movie since the tragic loss of Paul Walker, the film still manages to drive on without him. Walker is greatly missed and he is mentioned throughout the movie, but the team faces a much bigger priority that is even greater than them. In this year’s latest installment of The Fast of the Furious franchise, professional street racer Dominic Tourette (Diesel) turns his back […]

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Oscars heading in more diverse direction after two years of #OscarsSoWhite

Janelle Ferguson, Arts and Entertainment EditorOver several months, reviews and controversy have saturated the depths of social media with the black films Moonlight, Hidden Figures, and Fences. Hollywood has taken a nod to these three films and has finally upheld them to the 89th Academy Awards. Not only was this the first time in the last two years where a person of color was recognized for an Oscar nominee, but they were also mentioned in every acting and movie category. Denzel Washington was nominated for best actor leading role Fences, Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer both received nominations for best actress supporting role […]

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Maryland Film Festival is Welcome Relief in Baltimore

  By Will Arenas This year has felt like living in a movie. As students at Morgan State University, we live near the protest areas and former stomping grounds of Freddie Gray. As a result, all the footage of death and people getting arrested for breaking curfew has been, to say the least, stressful. Still, the Maryland Film Festival was a breath of fresh air and served as a good place to emerge oneself in all things film and film-related. From May 6th-10th, the festival was filled with film screenings,  panel discussions and social opportunities for film professionals and enthusiasts […]

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'Furious 7' opens this week.

‘Furious 7’ Furiously…Heartwarming?

By Herman Fogus The Fast and Furious franchise has been quite the success story since the 2009 movie (also titled Fast and Furious) reunited the original movie’s cast and reoriented the overall arc of the series from street racing to elaborate, action-filled heists that just happen to involve a lot of high performance cars. Unfortunately, at the height of its popularity in November 2013, the franchise suffered its largest blow when series star Paul Walker was killed in a car accident. With the latest entry, Furious 7, in the middle of production at the time, doubts arose as to whether […]

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‘Home’ Brings Race and Individuality to the Forefront

‘Home’ Brings Race and Individuality to the Forefront

By Zaire SingletonSince its March 27 release, the highly anticipated DreamWorks film “Home” has brought in $54.1 million.  The main character is a young woman of color, a first for a DreamWorks animated film. “So you’re mad-sad?” Oh asked, in a confused epiphany after finally understanding the complexity of the human race, represented by a young girl named Gratuity aka “Tip.” The movie followed an ET Boov named Oh who broke out of his traditional shell and found himself on an adventurous encounter with Tip. Oh came from a nation of aliens who were known for giving up and running away if the […]

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