Brendon “B-Ezzy” Perry Continues Making Music Long After Morgan

Brendon “B-Ezzy” Perry Continues Making Music Long After Morgan

You may remember Brendon “B-Ezzy” Perry from the 2009 campus hit “Morgan Girl.” But since then, rap music has played a bigger role in the artist’s life than just school entertainment and fun. After leaving Morgan, Perry experienced a lot of family and financial problems.  Trying to rap, and be a full-time student was hard, so Perry went with this heart and followed his dreams of becoming a rapper.  “I realized what I wanted to do in 2009 after my hoop dreams were derailed,” says Perry.  “I always rapped for fun but once ‘Morgan Girl’ took off, it was something […]

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William Blake meets with President Barack Obama.

High School Assistant Principal Advocates Using Social Media

William Blake Uses Social Media To Keep Students Engaged In School Today, it is believed that the majority of America’s youth are consumed with social media networks such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. However, William Blake, Henry A. Wise High Schools’ ninth grade assistant principal, believes that these social media outlets are capable of educating students. “If we use the resources they are intrigued by for educational pruposes, we can engage them to a whole nother level,” he says. Henry A. Wise High School (Wise), located in Upper Malboro, Md., is one of the largest, top academically achieving high […]

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Minister Heber Brown III Continues the Legacy of the Black Church

Minister Heber Brown III Continues the Legacy of the Black Church

Sitting in a room with fifteen clergy members, referencing notes from his tablet, and quoting rap lyrics to make his ideas clearer, Minister Heber Brown III leads the weekly senior Bible study at Pleasant Hope Baptist Church. His discussions revolve around various topics, including the importance of speaking the truth even when it isn’t popular. “Galileo was locked up because he dared to suggest that the planets revolved around the sun and not around the earth,” said Brown, as he sat at the head of the table, in front of a green chalkboard with a partially erased scripture. “He challenged […]

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Corin "Tiny" Adams (In blue uniform) takes it to the basket for a layup.

The Big Life of “Tiny”

Morgan basketball legend Corin “Tiny” Adams makes great stridesCorin Adams shoots. The ball sails through the air and swooshes through the basket. “Congratulations to Corin ‘Tiny” Adams for scoring her 2000th point,” the announcer shouts. “She now holds the record for most points on a basketball team, girls or boys, at Morgan State University.”  The crowd cheers.  The Morgan State girl’s team goes on to beat North Carolina A&T. For the Brooklyn native, that was no ordinary Tuesday night–and the game-changing March 2, 2010 moment feels it happened yesterday. Adams now holds the record for highest points scored in Morgan State basketball history […]

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Soulful Symphony

Breaking barriers in the world of classical orchestra  In the choir room of the Murphy Fine Arts Building 18 young men and women who make up a fraction of the ensemble, Soulful Symphony, gather for a rehearsal with composer and artistic director Darin Atwater. Far from strangers, choir members laugh and talk while waiting for Atwater to arrive. Soon, Atwater strolls in. He is smiling, dressed comfortably in a grey fedora, a yellow cardigan, jeans and converse sneakers. The choir preps to start practice. “Hey Darin,” one of the members calls out, greeting him. Still smiling, Atwater walks over to the […]

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