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Mice Invade Morgan View: Cold Weather Drives the Furry Rodents Indoors

Resident of Morgan View have seen an uptick in the number of mice since the cold weather set in and the rodents began seeking shelter from the cold. While the off-campus housing is typically considered safe and convenient for students, some are having second thoughts given the rodent problem. “We caught four mice in one hour and eight mice in one weekend,” says Morgan junior Jourdan Jackson who has lived in the 1541 Morgan View building on Pentridge road for six months. The first floor apartment she shares with three roommates is near the ventilation room, “so mice were coming through […]

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Morgan Football Recruits 29 High School Students

Most high school students look forward to graduation day and senior prom, but there are also those few who look forward to signing day. Many students who play sports and aspire to become professional athletes long for the day that they sign to a university to further their athletic careers. On Feb. 6, Morgan was able to be a part of a huge moment in many athletes’ lives. Morgan’s football program signed 29 players – only two from the Baltimore-Washington area — to join the roster for next season. More than half of them are offensive players. Morgan’s recruiting class […]

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Blackout Bowl: Conspiracy or Coincidence?

On February 3rd, 2013 the San Francisco 49ers prepared to face off against the underdog Baltimore Ravens in what many are calling the “Blackout Bowl.” After the Ravens historic win, many viewers were left wondering about the power outage that interrupted the game for nearly a half hour. The outage shifted the momentum in the middle of the game. After some 30 minutes, the lights came back on and the game resumed–except it didn’t seem like the same game. The 49ers quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, came back ready to play. In the second half Kaepernick threw for 20 completions and only […]

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President David Wilson is flanked by administrators for Town Hall meeting

Campus Safety Drives Town Hall Discussion

MSU President David Wilson addressed 120 Morgan students, faculty and administration at a Town Hall meeting in Hill Field House last night in an effort to allay concerns about security on campus. On the heels of two shootings last semester and a series of robberies, he assured students that their safety was a priority for him and announced several new tactics to improve security. Nationally, President Wilson has urged a ban on handguns in the Huffington Post and elsewhere. Here at Morgan, he says, he is taking decisive action. By May, he intends to have five new security booths placed […]

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MSU Staffer Robbed at Gunpoint

MSU Staffer Robbed at Gunpoint

Profile of a crime victim Morgan State residence hall desk attendant Clinton Chandler was brutally assaulted as his shift ended at 8:30 a.m. on December 13, making him one of the latest in a long line of employees and students who’ve been robbed on campus this year.While complete crime statistics for 2012 and 2013 are not yet available, the 2012 Clery Report on campus safety, a federally mandated reporting system, documents 28 robberies and burglaries on or around campus in 2011. This, combined with two shootings on campus last semester, makes security a pressing issue at MSU. Crime victims all […]

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