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William Blake meets with President Barack Obama.

High School Assistant Principal Advocates Using Social Media

William Blake Uses Social Media To Keep Students Engaged In School Today, it is believed that the majority of America’s youth are consumed with social media networks such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook. However, William Blake, Henry A. Wise High Schools’ ninth grade assistant principal, believes that these social media outlets are capable of educating students. “If we use the resources they are intrigued by for educational pruposes, we can engage them to a whole nother level,” he says. Henry A. Wise High School (Wise), located in Upper Malboro, Md., is one of the largest, top academically achieving high […]

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A bulletin board in Jenkins Behavioral Sciences building.

Students Say There’s More to Morgan than Partying

Many students at Morgan believe the university to be a party school and that instead of focusing on academics, their peers are more concerned with socializing. “You can’t walk on this campus one week without seeing a stupid poster on the ground about a party,” said Morgan freshman screenwriting and animation major Tayo Osikomaiya, who regularly attends a variety of events held on campus. Morgan is not the only school with students who are more interested in having fun than doing work. A 2011 study done by Richard Arum, professor of sociology and education at New York University, and Josipa […]

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Minister Heber Brown III Continues the Legacy of the Black Church

Minister Heber Brown III Continues the Legacy of the Black Church

Sitting in a room with fifteen clergy members, referencing notes from his tablet, and quoting rap lyrics to make his ideas clearer, Minister Heber Brown III leads the weekly senior Bible study at Pleasant Hope Baptist Church. His discussions revolve around various topics, including the importance of speaking the truth even when it isn’t popular. “Galileo was locked up because he dared to suggest that the planets revolved around the sun and not around the earth,” said Brown, as he sat at the head of the table, in front of a green chalkboard with a partially erased scripture. “He challenged […]

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The Race for Miss Sophomore

The Race for Miss Sophomore

  On February 28th, SGA candidates delivered speeches to assure students they were the right fit for their class. In case you missed the Miss Sophomore speeches and still want to know what the candidates hope to achieve here is an overview of their platform. Name: Aziza-Isake’ Hunter Major: Biology Home State: New York Platform: U.N.I.T.E “I want to be your next Miss. Sophomore because I want to U.N.I.T.E the class of 2016 and positively impact Morgan State University and the surrounding community. U.N.I.T.E is an acronym that stands for Uplift, Nurture, Inspire, Transform and Encourage. I believe that in […]

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Miss Senior Category Is Filled, but Campaign Continues

Miss Senior Category Is Filled, but Campaign Continues

  Morgan junior and broadcast journalism major Briana Lynn is the only candidate running for Miss Senior. Despite this, she intends to keep campaigning to show the class of 2014 why she is worth voting for. Lynn continues to push her platform, “Dreams to Reality (DTRL),” an agenda to steer seniors toward their dream career and prepare them for life after college. At the end of her sophomore year, Lynn wondered if she would return to Morgan. “I felt like Morgan wasn’t going to prepare me and I [wouldn’t] have enough experience when I graduate,” she says. Yet with her […]

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