Local Reporter and Morgan State Professor hopes for no snow baby

By Zanha Armstrong, Assistant Features Editor

When snow storm Jonas first caught the eye of forecasters, Miri Marshall knew it was going to be a serious matter.

“I just thought to myself ‘this is going to be a monster’.” Marshall, who is a meteorologist for WBAL TV 11 and an adjunct professor in the School of Global Journalism and Communication, is due to give birth to a baby boy any day now.


“I crossed my fingers and prayed that I did not go into labor during a historic winter storm. I was just days away from delivery.”


Baltimore-Washington International Airport measured 29.2 inches of snow, making this storm the biggest to ever hit Baltimore. Most Baltimoreans have been struggling to dig themselves out as snowplows made their way to priority locations first. Marshall however took the necessary precautions to ensure that she would be ready for anything that could come, including being trapped inside for days.


“I was in a hotel for the storm a few blocks from the hospital where I am registered to deliver. The first day I did absolutely nothing and it was great. I watched my colleagues at WBAL TV 11 do a stellar job.”


The second day she decided to give herself the full spa treatment: a manicure, pedicure, and freshly washed and styled hair all while watching news coverage of the storm.


For Marshall the experience of the storm was “exciting, as always with big weather events.” If she wasn’t looking out of the window, she was glued to the TV. Her only concern was about a potential power outage and not having a clear road to the hospital.


To some comfort, she was not alone. There were three other pregnant women also at the hotel, all waiting to see if they would go into labor. However, to their aide were doctors and nurses that were on site to assist any of their needs. None of them went into labor.


There was one thing about this storm that made Marshall feel odd; she wasn’t out covering it.


“I have never missed a major storm in my career and I had to fight off the urges to go out and measure snow or at least shoot an update from my location.”


Instead she sat in the hotel lobby for about an hour with a pink ruler in hand, contemplating on if she should go out. After measuring an inch, she decided that she was content.


“I had to transition from meteorologist to mother, a far bigger job. So while I missed the action it was for a good reason.”


As of right now her son is late and she is still waiting to go into labor.


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