Morgan State students endure snowstorm Jonas for two days

By Akira Kyles and Ahjahnae LaQuer

What better way to start off a semester than a snowstorm?

Morgan students were welcomed back to campus earlier than planned on Thursday, January 21st instead of the original date Saturday, January 24, due to the, then, impending storm.

This put about 500 students on campus during snowstorm Jonas.

Some students were just starting to settle into their rooms as snow began to fall at 3pm Friday afternoon.

Luckily, the storm didn’t prevent the operations of Rawlings dining hall.

But the walk for students that lived in residence halls on the other side of campus had great difficulty getting to the food provided for them.

“There is no path or nothing. Everything you step in is like up to your thigh,” said freshman O’Connell resident, Daquan Israel. “You can’t see nothing. I’m the only one outside so if I was to die there was nobody to help me.”

Despite the conditions, students still trekked in the snow to visit friends in other residence halls.

Freshman Blount resident, Jasmine Chapman walked frequently in the blizzard to visit friends in Thurgood.

“I was bored. I wanted to see my friends,” said Chapman. “I was in the room by myself.”

A lot of students living in other areas around campus also ventured out into the snow because they were bored or ran out of snacks.

Students were seen walking from Morgan View apartments Saturday evening after the snow stopped, on a mission to a local 711 for snacks. The business stayed open 24 hours during the storm.

On campus, some Thurgood residents had a snowball fight and countless others were seen Sunday, exchanging shovels and rock salt as they managed to rescue their cars from under the three feet of snow Jonas left behind. Some students had an easier time than others getting through all the snow.

“It only took me 25 minutes to shovel out my car, but I’m from Ohio so I’m used to it.” said senior and Morgan View resident, Aaron Miller.

All and all, Morgan students handled the snowstorm and now have the first day of the semester off with Jonas to thank.

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